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Diode 1N4007
Diode 1N4007 Diode (1000V, 1A) DO-41 ..
1.65 р.
Diode 1N4148
Diode 1N4148 The 1N4148 is a high-speed switching diode fabricated in planar technology, and..
1.65 р.
Diode 1N5819
Diode 1N5819 Schottky diode (40V, 1A/25A) DO-41 ..
2.20 р.
Diode UF4007
Diode UF4007 Diode (1000V, 1A) DO-41 ..
2.75 р.
Diode UF5408
Diode UF5408 Ultra Fast (1000В, 3 А) ..
4.95 р.
Ferrite Bead for EMI suppression
Ferrite Bead for EMI suppression. You can meet them in a number of scematics - mic preamps, mixer..
5.50 р.
Zener Diode 1N4758A
Zener Diode 1N4758A Zener Diode 1N4758A (56V, 1.3W) DO-41 ..
4.40 р.
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